Zions Elite Entrepreneur Program

Impact Navigators recently launched its Entrepreneur Business Leadership program offering a unique program initially developed for the Zions Elite Entrepreneur initiative. The program is designed to transition motivated and focused companies from accelerator or incubator participation to functional, self-sustaining operational businesses, or candidates for licensing, M&A and other outcome opportunities.


  • Entrepreneurial programs, incubators and accelerators need a program “exit” path and process that provides for the conversion from “opportunity entities” to economically sustainable growth businesses.
  • Entrepreneurial programs excel at the development of business “opportunity entities” but are not in a position to provide significant supplemental direct resources to entities that are not accepted into such programs or have already completed a program.


  • Many nationally ranked entrepreneurship and innovation organizations offer a wide variety of programs and engagement opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and established business leaders`to learn about and engage in all phases of entrepreneurship and scalable business development processes.


  • Impact Navigators enhances business success by focusing on sustainable economic outcomes. Primary services are: the development of client executive management and leadership, advisory board, and interim executive leadership engagement. A highly developed network of business service providers, investors, business incubators and accelerators provides an effective and efficient capability to provide client services based on need, developed milestones and critical timing.
  • Impact Navigators focuses on strategic planning, organization structure, team leadership, product/market development, and financial surety.


Impact Navigators is offering a program for for the Zions Elite Entrepreneur program under which participants and alumni may apply for enrollment in a virtual accelerator process that has the following characteristics:

  1. An executive and business opportunity discovery and realization process that is focused on commercialization, sustainability, and growth with performance-based metrics and milestones.
  2. An executive coaching and development program focused on improvement of internal competencies, and executive personal development.
  3. A resource and funding preparedness program targeting specific and appropriate investment opportunities. The program may include partial or full subsidies for Entrepreneur Business Leadership program participation.
  4. High potential businesses have access to effective Impact Navigators Subject Matter Expert mentor services and processes to fully develop opportunities.



The Impact Navigators™ Discovery Process focuses on strategic planning, organization structure, team leadership, product/market development, operational performance, and financial surety.  We assess businesses by asking a series of “Why?  What? How?” questions in the context of establishing a current business situation baseline.  The results are then compared to the baseline of the business vision, and develop a “gap analysis” of needs and strategic focus.  These questions are asked from three individual perspectives: 1) customers, 2) employees, and 3) other identified stakeholders.


 Impact Navigators™  provides advisory services to CEOs, founders, and investors regarding business strategies, business issues, challenges, and opportunities.  Impact Navigators™  acts as advocates for the business, and personal mentors to the CEO. Advisory services provided are intended to create and implement positive actions towards profitable growth.


 Executive coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a CEO level client with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development.


When needed we can provide interim executive expertise to supplement current client executive leadership.  Leadership positions include:

  • CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
  • COO (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Others positions as deemed necessary by Board of Directors

Interim leaders are granted delegations of authority to act on behalf of the business to conduct business transactions such as binding contract obligations, financial commitments, cash management, staff recruitment, subcontracting, and other actions as assigned by the client.


Provide as-needed business, branding, marketing, boards of directors, and other services as agreed to by clients and Impact Navigators.  The intent of these services is to provide on-demand functional support to address immediate and urgent business issues. Clients have the ability to contract through Impact Navigators™, or directly with Impact Navigators™ service providers.

For most business leaders this sounds like an incredible program – then the questions come, including “How much does it cost?”

Under this program the aspiring Zions Elite Entrepreneur, pricing starts at as little as $500 per month1!  This includes a preliminary Discovery Program, a standard Advisory Board and 1:1 Executive Coaching2.  There may also be an opportunity for your you to obtain subsidies to cover 50% of this basic program cost!

What more can we say?  If you are interested in applying, Click HERE or go to https://impactnavigators.youcanbook.me/ to schedule a FREE 15 minute call and find out if this program is right for you and your business!

1Requires three month minimum agreement.
2Restrictions apply.  Contact us for more information.

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