Your Corporate Citizenship Business Model

IN-Logo-WebsiteMost businesses are finding that financial performance is no longer the sole indicator of a successful entity.  Certainly, investors, customers, employees and other “stakeholders” are paying close attention to financial reporting but there is the expanding and accelerating inclusion of “social impact” in the overall assessment of a company’s position in the marketplace.

Companies and thereby their leadership are being held accountable for driving engagement and outcomes in the marketplace, community and in some cases global environments.  Such engagement is being identified in critical decision-making patterns including purchase decision making, staff recruitment & retention, investment and branding.

Perceptions, driven by a “millennial mentality” are changing actions.  In areas including communications (social media), advertising (social ads replacing banner ads), media (interactive + video) and branding (from luxury and image to experiences and opportunities), trends and fads are becoming habits and expectations.  The mobile generations with instant data access look for our businesses to do much more than just produce goods and services, redefining “Best In Class” performance to include the impact of products and businesses on our communities, our people, our planet.

At  Impact Navigators we work with businesses and individuals to create, redefine or enhance their own, unique Corporate Citizenship model.  Utilizing a set of internationally recognized standards and metrics we understand that there is no single profile for each and every business and in reality, businesses should be held accountable to their customers, employees, communities and stakeholders rather than some other organizations rules or regulations.  The outcomes we look to achieve are focused on increased financial performance, inclusion of  targeted  metrics in financial and social performance, enhancement of branding and marketing efforts and processes to maximize sustainability  – for the benefit of all.


Let  Impact Navigators help you transform your company through success and on to Significance!


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