CHARTER SCHOOL Academic and Business Acumen Accelerator Program

Impact Navigators is launching a new The Charter School Academic and Business Acumen Accelerator Program with a mission of continuous improvement of the standard of practice for Charter Schools throughout the United States. This program is for existing and aspiring Charter School leadership who wish to create, develop and promote THEIR definition of “SUCCESS” in terms of ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE, FISCAL MANAGEMENT and COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTION.

With a strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education based upon a sound”whole child” early development, we also seek to bring in operational excellence, innovation and sustainability.  Individualization is at the forefront of Charter Schools and the adaptation of Project Based Learning, Flip Education, Remote LearningCurriculum Gamification and Professional Studies are a part of the portfolio of added-value opportunities  we can help develop for any Charter School.

A survey of business owners released in 2015 by the American Association Colleges and Universities found that nine out of 10 employers judge recent college graduates as poorly prepared for the work force.  Skills in areas of critical thinking, communication and problem solving were deemed inadequate to address the challenges we are facing today and will face tomorrow.  Let us understand that this issue also applies to students who do not pursue a higher education path, choosing to enter the workforce at an earlier level of education.  In this respect we see this preparedness assessment as a business problem not just an academic problem and the solutions we find will come from the subject matter experts in our academic and business communities.  While many of the actions taken will be educational in nature, much of the real benefit will come from behavioral changes that will come from specific educational and training programs developed and delivered stakeholder participants.

Targeted Accelerator partners from the business and academic communities with an abundance mentality will collaborate in an initiative to guide students in acquiring knowledge, enhancing understanding and empower them with the ability to apply this to real and significant challenges and opportunities in our businesses and communities.  In addition to the subject matter learned under the leadership of our highly qualified educators, the program will help to develop enhanced skills including critical thinking, analytical reasoning, document literacy, writing and communication – all consistent with the essential factors of business and workforce performance.

Impact Navigators is NOT a Charter Management Organization (CMO) although we often work with CMO’s as well as the independent charter school management teams to independently support school development and sustainability.

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