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The mission of the M7 Education and Entrepreneur Center (M7E) is to drive innovation and outcome-based business process into the public education sector. Our unique approach is heavily influenced by best practices in business that are designed to deliver results far beyond traditional academic metrics.


Our Goal is to enhance competencies and readiness for those who:

  • Are exploring the possibility of launching a new charter school
  • Are preparing to submit their initial application for a new charter school
  • Are developing their charter submission
  • Are entering their “planning year”
  • Pivoting to meet academic and financial compliance requirements

Our Primary Objectives are to:

  • Support the efforts to specify the requirements, core competencies, structure, training and development of the leadership team
  • Apply proven “Lean” business development concepts to charter school opportunities including:
    • Problem/Opportunity assessment
    • Marketplace “ecosystem” evaluation
    • Key metrics
    • Unique value propositions
    • Comprehensive financial analysis
      • Cost structure
      • Revenues
      • Risk and mitigation
    • Critical partnerships, alliances and relationships
  • Drive business assessment and development practices at “concept” phase


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