INformation Strategists

Your Information Is Your Business.  Period.

We have been in the “Information Age” long enough to realize that having an Information Strategy is no longer an option, it is a core requirement.  Aided with yet challenged by phenomenal developments in technology we have moved much of our information from the file cabinet to the ‘cloud”, from protected to “public” and from controlled to virtual chaotic without changing our concepts of Information Management.  We create, gather, store and try manage more data than ever before with little thought as to what is really important, what are the critical factors and how can we adequately and cost effectively manage our most important assets.  In an attempt to execute an outdated and inherently flawed Information Management program we have overlooked the primary strategic perspective and raced right into the tactical.  The path we have taken is not sustainable!

The fact is that we cannot afford to create, acquire, store or protect ALL of the information we use and to try to do so will only accelerate the downward spiral of chasing an objective that is essentially unattainable and unnecessary.  Without an efficient and cost-effective Information Strategy we are putting all we have at risk.

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