YOUR Business – Why? What? When? How?

IN-Logo-WebsiteWe start with our Discovery Process to help you better understand the need or opportunity.  Building a portfolio of facts, data is essential in truly understanding the potential of the vision.  Where the absolute information is not available we compile fundamental assumptions and associated rationales which, during the Lean process format will be tested, validated and verified – or discounted.


The outcome of this collaborate effort is a documented position of :

  • A clear vision of the desired outcomes.
  • An honest and accurate assessment of the current situation, competencies and current activities.
  • Areas that need to be addressed in order to achieve the desired outcomes, along with
    • The competencies and resources needed.
    • The competencies and resources available.


Filling The Gaps is the next step in the process.

Provide as-needed legal, financial, branding, marketing, and other services as agreed to by businesses and Impact Navigators.  The intent of these services is to provide as-needed, on-demand business support to address immediate and urgent business issues. Clients have the ability to contract directly with Impact Navigators service providers for long term service needs.

Your business might not need help in every area – why pay for services you don’t need?  At Impact Navigators we help businesses focus on results and outcomes, in the most efficient and cost effective methods possible.

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