INterim Executive Services

IN-Logo-WebsiteThe needs of your business do not wait for you to fill a key executive position.  A problem we frequently see is that businesses tend to panic when faced with a critical open position and leap to fill that position – often with the “wrong” candidate!

Whether seeking to fill an open position or creating a new one as your business changes, Impact Navigators will work with you to assure that you have identified the competency you REALLY NEED and help you find the BEST person to fill that need.

While working to fill the position you may need  a highly qualified individual to step in RIGHT NOW and address the immediate situation.  Interim executives are a valuable resource because they are able to apply focus and drive actions in those areas that are impacting today’s performance.

Quite often, an “established interim executive” will be the right solution for your need.  Why?  Because they are highly qualified and experienced executives that are looking for such interim positions.  Not interested in career building or establishing tenure these individuals thrive on coming in to a specific situation with defined outcomes and a path for an appropriate exit.

If this situation resonates with you and you need to address immediate needs while looking for a more permanent solution, send us a note at  All inquiries are kept fully confidential and of course there is no obligation of any kind.

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