Corporate Structures for Eruptive Growth

IN OnlyYour corporate structure is the backbone of legal and tax compliance for your business.  When considering your options we strongly that you obtain professional advice in these areas.

Your corporate structure is also an important branding component of your business and will present – or remove options for eruptive growth,  investments, strategic positioning, market penetration and other areas of opportunity.  They add significant impact to your “elevator pitches” and other messaging,  identifying your unique opportunity to the targeted audience.

In many states you may have the option of becoming a “Benefit Corporation“.  This is a state classification (varying by each state) that, while having no federal tax implications, provides protection for officers of the corporation.  Benefit Corporations may provide market and branding opportunities that might also make them more attractive to customers, employees or other important stakeholders.

There are options for companies in some states to register as Low Profit Limited Liability Company, commonly referred to as L3C‘s (again varying by state) that may carry some distinction in branding and marketing.

In a different approach to branding and marketing, some are categorized as “cause brands” are taking a leading position with direct connections between products/brands and purpose.

The opportunity to impact positive outcomes are not limited to these structures.  Non-profits, for-profits following a “Corporate Citizenship” model are other options for entrepreneurs and established businesses to consider

Which structure is right for you?  In addition to the legal and tax considerations, your product, markets, channels, branding and sustainability should be considered.

At Impact Navigators we work with businesses and individuals to understand the options and determining the best structure for them that addresses the branding, positioning and marketing components.  Some structuring may reflect the stage of growth of an organization in addition to the intent and purpose.  For example, many companies may not be in a position to incorporate and select the Benefit Corporation path.  These might consider a L3C approach to establish their company culture, branding and positioning .

The outcomes we look to achieve are focused on increased financial performance, inclusion of  targeted  metrics in financial and social performance, enhancement of branding and marketing efforts and processes to maximize sustainability  – for the benefit of all.

Let Impact Navigators help you transform your company through success and on to Significance!

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