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Tom Nied

Tom is a co-founder of Impact Navigators LLC. Tom is both an entrepreneur and a successful Fortune 500 executive.  He has 30+ years of executive level management experience in many functional disciplines including Profit & Loss Management, Sales & Business Development, Strategic Planning, Operations, Finance, International Business, Forging Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, Logistics, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Team Building.



William H. Brown

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With experience including holding a position of Director of Emerging Solutions in a division of Medtronic Inc., as well as co-owner and COO of an international medical device company, Bill is an advocate and advisor to “eruptive” businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.  Living the “give back” position he always promotes, Bill has led or been directly engaged with a number of non-profit organizations including the Entrepreneur Launch Pad and pro bono mentor on venture strategic planning to the Small Business Development Center in Salt Lake City.

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