Take a knee? Take a Stand!

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Now that we have awareness from the “take a knee” issue let’s convert the talk to something that can have a more significant meaning and may become much more impactful! Please check out the documentary “Teach Us All” and the social justice movement (http://www.teachusallfilm.org/).  While driven by the civil rights activities of the 1950’s it speaks to the education of the multitude of underserved people throughout the United States.  I am so fortunate to be a part of a team working to have an impact in a Utah community with a significant population of Navajo and Ute children who to this day are not receiving the benefits of living in America.  None of us can do it all but if we #TakeAStand we can make a difference in underserved communities, giving people a chance to reach their true potential.  Sure, the social impact of such engagement is enormous but I am a Socio-Economic Entrepreneur and can easily see how this can deliver a huge economic benefit to all of us.  Please, get involved, #TakeAStand and support us in our IN2Outcomes initiatives to make America and the world a better place.  View the trailer at http://www.teachusallfilm.org/theatrical-trailer

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