Forty Percent of Students Seen Ill-Prepared to Enter Work Force

The preparedness is 60% full – but 40% empty.

A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that we are not delivering “qualified” candidates to the “White Collar” work force.  Is this hype or reality?

From my experience I would say this is a conservative estimate but it does highlight a real problem for academics.  When looking into it a bit deeper we have to say that our colleges and universities are doing a great job – with what they have.  Look at the material at their disposal.  How much of it is outdated before it is even printed let alone in the classroom?  How can our professional educators ever be expected to improve the outcomes for the students?  I don’t think they can – not alone, anyway.  WE need more and greater open collaboration among academiacs and business professionals, bringing more practical and tactical into the “education experience” if not into the classroom itself.

I would also suggest that we take a step back and look at the students entering the higher education theater.  Readiness of our high school students, into college or the workforce is lacking essential requirements as well.  Let’s be clear, I don’t believe for a moment that the problem resides with our professional educators, the vast majority being highly qualified and motivated themselves.  I do however believe that we must identify and execute on opportunities to improve the “outputs” of our educational institutions.  How?

The beneficiaries of a higher caliber workforce are our businesses and I think we, as business leaders, need to take a level of ownership (and yes, direct investment) in the process of human resource development.  Getting more engaged at an earlier stage of education will increase the results – and benefits for all!


If you are interested in engaging in this initiative please contact me directly.

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