Why We Support Organizations Like Choice Humanitarian

We have seen the headlines and heard the stories:  “The death toll from last week’s massive earthquake in Nepal has surpassed 7,000, Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Centre said Saturday”.  Organizations like the American Red Cross are instrumental in helping to provide the people of Nepal survive in the critical times following the catastrophic event.  The people in Nepal certainly need immediate assistance but what happens after this tragedy is no longer front page news?  It will take years to “recover” and the weight will fall heavily on those who can least afford it.

Organizations such as Choice Humanitarian work tirelessly to not only support the immediate disaster relief efforts  but also then work to help with recovery and  long-term sustainability.     As stated on their website, they believe that “Lasting change comes not from outside or when implemented by others, but when it comes from within – within a person, within a community, within a culture.”

We encourage you to consider donating to an organization that will help these people help themselves in overcoming the challenges they will face tomorrow and beyond. Your donations are more than a gift, they are an investment in mankind!

CHOICE HumanitarianThe CHOICE Leadership Model is what makes CHOICE different. It empowers villagers to determine their own path to self-reliance. It focuses on building leadership, assessing and meeting needs, and developing economic opportunity.

Learn more about Choice Humanitarian at http://choicehumanitarian.org

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