ARC Impact breakout session at the Utah Small Business Summit


Corporate Citizenship – the new model of IN Businesses

Market Driven, Investment Ready

 With the establishment of benefit corporations in Utah this year we now have more options for business structures than ever before . . . but very few business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs fully understand these different entities or which best serves their vision.

The traditional division between for-profit corporations and nonprofit organizations is no longer as clear as it once was.  Along with the new “B-Corp” model and the popular acceptance of “cause-related businesses,” we are seeing a movement away from traditional “Corporate Social Responsibility” for profit based entities and the emergence of a new “IN Business” model.  “IN Business” means a balance between corporate citizenship and economic sustainability can exist.  The issue then, is how can you establish this balance that achieves long term growth while satisfying socio-economic objectives?

The essential question for all businesses, emerging or established, is: “Which entity, structure or model will help achieve maximum outcomes in tomorrow’s business ecosystem”?  Issues relating to tax, operating cost, reporting requirements, business and product branding, business development, investment opportunities, and exit strategies are just some of the areas ripe for discussion.  Whether a business owner, senior manager in an established business or  just one about to begin the entrepreneurial journey, you must know the critical components of each of these in order to make educated and informed decisions!

Decisions on business structure should be taken with strong advice from legal and financial professionals, but having an opportunity to engage with a panel of professionals representing the four major business entities is an experience for which every business owner should take advantage.

On Wednesday, October 8th ARC Impact and Impact Navigators, leaders in Utah’s Corporate Citizenship movement will lead a breakout session focusing on the Market and Investment Opportunities for the new breed of businesses. There will be a brief presentation on the model, then the floor will be open for your questions.  Our panel will include legal, financial and business leaders who can give you first-hand facts and data about the tremendous opportunities in this space, along with sound guidance in mitigating risks to the realization of your vision.  This is not a lecture session, we want to provide real information that you can use right now!

Maybe you are just formulating your vision or need to adjust for the new opportunities.  Some might need to reinvent their model that just isn’t meeting expectations.  Whatever your situation is you’ll want to participate in this emerging movement.


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