Driving Enrollment and Outcomes in Public Charter Schools



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Our mission

To enhance community social and economic success by focusing on sustainable educational and economic outcomes. 

Impact Navigators™ is dedicated to improving the outcomes for K-12 students as well as enhancing social and economic opportunities within our communities while remaining true to the cultural wants, needs and expectations of the community stakeholders.  We provide effective Branding, Marketing, Enrollment/Recruitment and other services focused on strategic planning, organization structure, academic and financial sustainability.

Our vision:

Success of a school is defined in many ways but is often measured by academic performance, financial stability and enrollment.  What is critical is to have the components of success identified, clarified and constructed in a manner that demonstrates competencies, commitment and consistency in messaging of high quality education from a high quality organization.  Often, we are contacted by school leadership, Boards of Trustees or other engaged parties to address under-enrollment or financial performance issues.  In most of these cases we found that the school has experienced a series of events that have resulted in enrollment lower than anticipated or needed to support the financial requirements of the school.  Lower enrollment therefore is considered to be a symptom of other issues rather than the root cause.  In addition to the experienced events, markets change and in growing communities this can bring new entrants into the school’s community.  For whatever the reasons might be, under-enrollment presents a major threat to the sustainability of the school and is used as an indicator of the school’s long term value and viability.

What we do:

Impact Navigators L.L.C. (Navigators) is a social enterprise company working to drive the development, performance and sustainability of public charter schools throughout the United States.  From concept to classroom, we help professional educators focus on their unique pedagogical prowess while meeting the commitments of the charter school’s business performance.  Our primary mission is not to provide extensive and costly external services but to help to embed the core, needed competencies into the school itself, complemented or supplemented only as needed.

Our Process:

Very school is unique as are the markets in which they operate.  Our processes are built around the School Performance Criteria (SPC), representing the school’s unique vision, mission and opportunity as well as desired outcomes. The SPC become the core of the school’s brand and the basis for performance monitoring and projects which include branding, marketing and student recruitment.  We work with the school leadership to develop, enhance and implement policies, processes and practices that will address immediate enrollment and other concerns while creating a model for success that can be used for years to come.

Our Services:

For a new or emerging school much of what we do is in market research, strategic planning and infrastructure development.  We help to define the “Brand” of the school, support feasibility of the operation, develop market strategies and create/implement recruitment programs.

For an existing school, where new or ongoing, urgent challenges are being experienced, we often get more directly involved with tactical planning and execution of recruiting, financing, operational or other initiatives.  Often we not only provide a “boots on the ground” contribution but also engage in the training of staff, volunteers or others to leave a lasting impact on school performance.

In certain situations we also provide advisory services to CEOs, Founders, Boards of Trustees and Investors regarding missions, strategies, challenges, opportunities, risks and risk mitigation.  We act as advocates for the organization, and personal mentors to the CEO or Boards, working to develop and enhance competencies and performance from within the organization.

In summary, we look to enable and empower the school’s staff and supporters with knowledge, understand and the ability to apply policies and procedures to enhance the performance and outcomes of their schools.

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