Accelerate Your Business!

What is your next major milestone?    What will have the most impact on your business?  Your target might be traditional business growth actions such as a product release, sales campaign or investment opportunity.  Most emerging companies do not have the resources, team competencies, experience or processes to effectively address these opportunities and wind up spending too much of their time on money with too little actual impact on their business performance.  Accelerate your efforts in a very cost-effective Accelerator program!

Maybe you are not far along enough in your company’s growth and your first objective is being accepted into an intense “boot camp” accelerator or maybe you think you can raise money from the masses with a crowdfunding* campaign – but are you really ready for those initiatives?  While there are great opportunities for those who are accepted and enter into these types of programs, the reality is that only a very small percentage of emerging companies will be accepted by these organizations or be able to launch successful campaigns.  You may not be ready today but we can help you get there tomorrow!

The Impact Navigators Virtual Accelerator program can help you make the most of your time and money with very targeted strategies, objectives and tactics to help you get there.  With actions that fit into your resources and time structure and a customized process for the milestone you want to focus on


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