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Our mission:  Enhance community social and economic success by focusing on sustainable educational and economic outcomes.  Impact Navigators™ is dedicated to improving the outcomes for K-12 students as well as enhancing social and economic opportunities within our communities while remaining true to the cultural wants, needs and expectations of the community stakeholders.  We provide effective Discovery, Advisory Board and Interim Executive Leadership services focused on strategic planning, organization structure, team leadership, product/market/community development, and financial surety.

What we do:  Our Virtual Accelerator program focuses efforts on the next identified major milestone.  Maximizing cost effectiveness efficiency we enable new, emerging and established schools and businesses to transform into sustainable organizations.  Our unique IN2Outcomes process provides a critical evaluation the community/education/business needs including reviews of strategy, technology, market traction, team leadership, and scalability.  Impact Navigators has the leadership experience, business and education process knowledge, and networking resources to enable clients to maximize their objectives and outcomes.

We focus on standards and outcomes, and deliver the talent and resources necessary to fulfill your vision.

Our Process:   The  Impact Navigators™ Discovery Process focuses on market needs, strategic planning, organization structure, team leadership, operational performance, and financial surety.

We explore the entire “market ecosystem” by asking a series of “Why?  What? and How?” questions in the context of establishing a current baseline.  We then compare the baseline to the vision, and develop a “gap analysis” of needs and strategic focus. We ask these questions from individual perspectives including  those of your community leaders, parents, teachers business leaders and other identified stakeholders.

Our Services:

Independent Advisory Board

Provide advisory services to CEOs, Founders, Boards of Trustees and Investors regarding missions, strategies, challenges, opportunities, risks and risk mitigation.  We act as advocates for the organization, and personal mentors to the CEO or Boards, working to develop and enhance competencies and performance from within the organization.

Support Services:

Provide as-needed business, branding, marketing, enrollment/recruitment and other services as agreed to by businesses and Impact Navigators.  The intent of these services is to provide on-demand functional support to address immediate and urgent issues.


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